About Puhanayu

Puhanayu R Putri, a self-taught artist, was born and raised in Salatiga, Central Java. Growing up, she didn’t have many toys, but her parents taught her how to create her own using upcycling handcraft techniques. Puhanayu is committed to a zero-waste lifestyle, often reusing materials that others might consider waste in her artwork, such as making her own pigments from kitchen scraps, flowers, and plants.

Puhanayu is a joyful and energetic person, but her strongest creative impulses often come from feelings of sadness, fear, or grief. She lets her emotions guide her artistic process, never forcing herself to create and often finds inspiration in the midst of everyday activities.

For Puhanayu, art is a way to transport emotions and connect with people on different levels, regardless of their background or culture. She believes that a truly successful artist is one whose work is inclusive and can be understood and appreciated by everyone. Creating art is also a form of soul therapy for Puhanayu, a way to deepen her self-love and stay connected to her inner child. She shares this approach with others through Soul-Therapy workshops that she hosts in Ubud.

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