A workshop designed to help you connect with your inner child and express your emotions through art.

The workshop is a journey into self-discovery and uninhibited creativity where you can translate your deepest feelings into vibrant strokes of paint, guided by Puhanayu.

Unlock Emotions & Creativity: Invest in 3-Hour Soul Therapy

$111 / 1750k IDR

per person, for a Private Session
(Quality Art Materials Included)

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Full Day Retreat
(Quality Art Materials Included)

Soul Therapy

Artistic Liberation

Explore the Unique Features of the Soul Therapy Workshop that Foster Self-Discovery and Unleash Creativity


Awaken Your Inner Child

Reconnect with your sense of wonder and playfulness. Our workshop creates a safe space where you can let go, explore, and express yourself through the liberating medium of art, just like you did in your carefree childhood days.

Unleash Your Creative Spirit

Let your imagination run wild and free. Our workshop encourages uninhibited creativity, allowing you to paint your emotions, thoughts, and dreams on a canvas, opening the floodgates to your latent artistic prowess.


Cultivate Self-Awareness and Emotional Release

Harness the power of art to navigate your inner landscape. Through guided meditative practices and artistic expression, our workshop facilitates emotional release, helping you lighten your burdens and find peace within.


Foster Self-Healing and Personal Growth

Embark on a transformative journey of self-healing. By tapping into the therapeutic nature of art, our workshop promotes well-being and self-development, enabling you to grow, evolve, and become your best self.

Celebrating Creativity

A Visual Journey Through Past Workshops – Explore the Artistic Expressions and Moments of Meditation

Unleashing Emotions: A powerful snapshot capturing the moment participants, immersed in the flow of their feelings.

Peace of Mind Guarantee: Satisfaction Assured & Easy Refunds

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you’re not satisfied with the results of the private workshop, your money will be promptly returned.

Refund Protection

Upgrade your booking and receive a 100% refund if you cannot attend for one of the many reasons.

Unlock Creativity on Private Workshop for Only $111!

Journey Reflections

“Puhan is so sweet and knowledgeable. She had everything laid out when we arrived. She was patient and explained the steps. Her home was super inviting and she made sure we had everything we needed to feel comfortable during our class and gave us sufficient time to be creative.”​


“It’s a 10/10 kind of experience over hot cocoa and some good sessions where you will meet people and be mindful of yourself. It’s really nice because personally, I was quite in a weird situation myself and being a part of this workshop somehow reminds me back of who I am at my core.”​


“Puhan wears her heart on her sleeve! She is Light and Laugh, Pure mind and soul. I was blessed to be with her in the safe and calm space she lives in. (…) I was getting deeper and deeper into the story my hand was telling with paint. She prepared so well for the class because everything that is done with an open heart is beautiful. “​


Frequently Asked Questions

🏷 How much does the workshop cost?

It’s priced at $111 per person. This includes all materials for the session, a warm cup of cacao, and personal guidance from Puhanayu. Group classes have tailor-made pricing. If you like to organise one – please contact me for the details.

👩‍🎨 I have no prior experience in art or meditation. Can I still participate?

Absolutely! The workshop is designed for everyone, regardless of their experience in art or meditation. Guidance will be provided throughout the session.

🎒 What should I bring to the workshop?

You don’t need to bring anything. All materials, including art supplies and cacao for the meditation session, will be provided.

👩 How many people can participate?

I organise private sessions for 1-3 people.

🏨 Can I add this to my venue’s offerings?

Yes, please contact me directly.

After the workshop

Soul Therapy with Puhanayu


The workshop begins with a calming meditation and relaxation session to prepare your mind and open your heart. To enhance this, you’ll be served a warm cup of cacao. You’ll then be able to express your emotions through art on a vast expanse of paper, with personal guidance from Puhanayu. This workshop is a chance for deep self-discovery and a celebration of uninhibited creativity. It can also be added to a venue’s offerings, making it a great opportunity for venue owners.

Puhanayu Putri

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